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I may not feel beautiful, but I can make beautiful things.
The opening of my final thesis show and my project “Sangsāra” was tonight and I am very stoked with the finished visual development work.
More from Sangsāra soon to come I swear!
A rough painting I did today to warm up. This is the goddess of Cheerful-ness (turned human) from my video game thesis. 
I’ve certainly had a busy week! Thought I would end it with a sketch I did a while back when I was designing costumes for my thesis.
Enjoy :D
This photo saved my butt today when I lost about an hours worth of work by accidentally deleting a layer right before saving. I was able to trace the deleted work from this so I thought I would share my lifesaver! 
I guess sometimes it pays off to be a little vain and take photos while working!
Another thesis sneak peek! This time another snippet of a much bigger tapestry from the wall of the final temple. Ah these lines…
More to come later!
Also hello and thanks to my new followers! *wink*
A thesis sneak peek! This is a snippet of a much bigger tapestry that would go on the wall of the final temple. Its been fun working on the intricate line work for these tapestries. I totally forgot my deep seated love for lines…
More of my game visual development thesis to come!
For my warm-up digital painting today I was really inspired by a little girl named Mayham. Her craft box dresses are incredibly adorable and I just had to paint her a little!
Be sure to check out #fashionbymayhem on her Instagram as she is super cute.
Another late night working hard. Enjoy this cute interaction between two of my thesis characters!
On a unrelated to thesis note; I recently completed an illustrated portrait for a hypothetical album review centering around Beyoncé’s new surprise album: Beyoncé. 
Had a lovely time listening to her music and illustrating how the album really made me feel.
Working late tonight. Sorry I’ve been so MIA guys…thesis has been quite the undertaking. Here is just a crappy shot of my computer screen before bed. I’ll prob delete this later and upload real art.
Thesis is going well! A sneak peek detail shot of a finished painting for the final display!
I apologize for only uploading work of my main character. Not only am I obsessed with her but my other work is not as finalized. Fret not! I will be posting other characters and aspects from the game soon!
Busy weekend filled with sketchin. Feels good to be busy again but dang my hand needs a break! 
All aboard thesis train woo woo!