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Today I took a break from children’s book work and had fun creating a bit of subtle fanart. While I was watching Game of Thrones (the best show!) I kept thinking that one of my favorite characters Brienne would make a perfect “Joan of Arc”.
This was really fun to paint, as I love halo-y patterns, strong yet feminine faces and painting armor (which is a new appreciation)! Enjoy! 
I finally finished and ordered my alien/predator themed poker deck! And with no time to spare as my brothers wedding is in a week and a half…
Phew, I’m really happy with how the entire deck turned out, especially the back which I’ve shared here. I’ll post some of my favorite cards later!
Little character design warmup! A cloth sales girl. 
Bhu’s final character design from my video game senior thesis; Sangsara!
Because I’m a bit obsessed; another little painting of this new character.
All my little characters and critters must live in a world that is perpetually spring…
…or I just have no control when it comes to floral embellishments. 
I have a cup on my desk with a cute little face painted on it and it inspired me to doodle a little character! 
Before bed Tea spirit quick sketchy painting. I want to explore these critters more~
A little teaser from my current project: a fully illustrated card deck!
My brother is getting married and he and his new wife both love Poker and the Alien franchise so I thought this would be a great wedding gift!
I will be sure to share more later (hopefully finished cards).